Career Services Professional Development Program

Promoting student learning and success

Five goals

The IU Indianapolis Career Services Professional Development Program (CSPDP) was created to achieve the following five goals:

  1. Promote undergraduate student learning and success by supporting student engagement in strategic career development through enhanced career services.

  2. Deepen the campus commitment to community engagement and economic development through enhanced career services that prioritizes experiential learning and employer relations.

  3. Standardize the quality of and training for career services professionals across campus.

  4. Grow career services as a profession.

  5. Retain highly effective career services professionals who support IU Indianapolis's strategic initiatives and demonstrate their commitment to student success through ongoing professional development.

Allie MedellinSenior Career Services Professional2022School of Science
Karley ClaytonSenior Career Services Professional2020University College

Deadlines for the 2023–2024 review period

  • Applicants view orientation recording.
  • Supervisors give approval to pursue review (Dec. 1).
  • Applicants submit rationale for review, CV, job description, and advanced degree verification to advancement panel (Dec. 15).
  • Advancement panel invites applicants to submit full set of mandatory and discretionary docs (Dec. 22).
  • Second orientation for advancing candidates (Jan.19).
  • All applicant docs are due (Feb.1).
  • Advancement panel decision letters go out to applicants and supervisors (Feb. 29).
  • Responsibility centers make final decisions (March).

About the CSPDP Committee

There will be a standing CSPDP Committee that will provide guidance for the processes, documents, and orientations associated with the CSPDP. The committee shall be comprised of seven total reviewing members (in addition to the ex-officio members). The membership should always include:

  • Ex-officio representatives: senior executive director of Campus Career and Advising Services and a representative from IU Indianapolis Human Resources
  • At least three members appointed by the Career Services Council Executive Board
  • At least two director-level professionals who supervise career services professionals
  • At least one member who has advanced through the CSPDP (as soon as this is possible)
  • At least one member from a non-degree-granting unit
  • At least one member who has been at IU Indianapolis for less than three years